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Hi how are you? Here I'm going to tell you a litle about myself.
Were to start umm... I'm from Iceland. I like to read and draw manga and I like making charaters for my stories. I've made many charaters for the last years like Taro the halfbeast, Kisjin the water lord spirit, The four element brothers Ka (fire), Fu (wind), Sui (water) and Chi (earth), Atri an elf, Nakar who is an "it", Jack a stupit human pervert, Kakazke one of the bad guys (hehe), Katria the main bad gu...girl and MANY more.
My friend  and I are making a story togheter that we hope will be puplished some day, and maybe we can make a cartoon. Oh wile I remaber my favorit color is purble.
Well I don't know what to say more so if I think of something more IŽll write it but untill then thanks for wisting my site and donŽt forget to sign my guestbook.
      See ya  Bye  :)
well good bye Jr. high and hello highschool ^-^ yes I just graduaded from Jr.high and next fall I'm going to highschool.
this summer I'll be working to get some money. work work work *sigh*

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